2011 October 8

I can post software!

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in one of my earliest posts on this blog (Hold the presses! Can’t distribute software!), I complained about not being able to discuss code on the wordpress.com blogs. I found out today that it is actually pretty easy to post software using WordPress.com, using the “sourcecode” tag documented at Posting Source Code. I don’t know if this is a new feature, or I just failed to find the documentation last time I looked.

I went back through my posts and added code to the ones that should have had it before (let me know if I missed one). I may be inspired now to write some of the posts that have been sitting around as unfinished drafts since the beginning of the summer, or to put up some of the little Arduino programs I’ve been writing for teaching physics.


2011 June 15

Hold the presses! Can’t distribute software!

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This post was going to be a release of a .c file and a .h file for making WAV files from C programs. Unfortunately, the WordPress.com blog site provides no convenient way for distributing software files. The file extensions they allow are limited to jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx for “security reasons”. Allowing docx and prohibiting plain text files clear has nothing to do with security, but trying to support the Microsoft monopoly. I may need to seriously rethink whether I want to run this blog on WordPress.com, as I’ll be wanting to include file types that they do not support (program source code, perhaps schematics or PC board layouts).

Maybe it is time to abandon wordpress.com and find a friendlier blogging site that allows reasonable other file formats.

UPDATE: 8 October 2011

WordPress.com does have a perfectly fine way to show code snippets, explained on Posting Source Code.  I don’t think that documentation existed when I first posted this message—at least I couldn’t find it then.  The method is actually fairly simple: just put [sourcecode language=”python”] and [/sourcecode] around the code (with any of 28 different formatting sytles, including “cpp” for c++ and “text” for generic formatting).  So I can do snippets fairly easily, though multi-file programs may be a pain to distribute.  Downloading the snippets to the clipboard is easy, but downloading to files is not supported.  Still, that is probably good enough for this blog.

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